Since the early 90’s I have travelled extensively in many beautiful places around the world. I took a camera on my first trip and that was the beginning of the pursuit of ”the great photo”. The following shots, although not necessarily “the great photos”, are a representation of the photography I was able to do on my travels. My interest tends to be in portraiture. There is a certain pleasing moment when someone allows you to take their picture. It is a moment of communication, openness and sharing that while difficult to achieve is enormously rewarding.

In India, for example, people are thrilled to have their picture taken. In fact, they will stop you on the street and ask you to take their photo along with their friends or family. It must be the act itself that they enjoy because they don’t ask you to send them a copy. These days with digital photography one can immediately show them the results, but in the days of film when many of these photos were taken, that was not the case and it did not matter. 

In other places, especially in Muslim countries, portraiture is a completely other thing. Situations there either require enormous charm on the part of the photographer or a great talent for subterfuge. Fortunately, I had a little of both and put them to good use. In South East Asia people are more at one with their landscape, something I tried to capture in several of the photographs. 

Not all of my work is travel portraiture. There are, of course, many other subjects that have grabbed my attention - the magnificent beasts of Africa, the graceful beauty of the jellyfish and the intriguing alternate art of the tattoo.

But most of all, it has been great fun. Having been fortunate enough to have these visual and communicative experiences is something I cherish. It is my great pleasure to share them with you.

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